Can Gıda Ticaret

Salt reduces and then prevents loss of appetite, lack of concentration, lack of attention, fatigue, headache, sleep disturbances, feeling of exhaustion, deterioration of taste in the mouth and thirst. "Under the majority decision loss".



It's called as Göneli Resource Salt.


Salt is necessary for living organisms. It regulates and balances every single function of our body.
Pure salt is made up of 60 percent sodium and 40 percent chloride.


"ENOUGH IS AS GOOD AS A FEAST". This proverb is just for the usage of salt. Medical experts admit salt as an antidepressant.


Underground salt is the crystallized state of salt ions that melted by groundwater passes through the rock salt beds.

Underground Natural Resource Salt has gained legalisation with Turkish Food Codex SALT COMMUNIQUE (NOTIFICATION NO: 2013/48) that was published in the Official Gazette dated 16.08.2013 (No. 28737 )


ANTIQUE SALT: ANTIQUE SALT has been produced in Tunceli's province called Pülümür - Goneli for 400 years. CAN TRADE COMPANY is producing and packaging this salt according to the Food Codex and marketing in Istanbul.

It is 100% natural and has no additives.

ANTIQUE SALT: 0.500 Kg OPP interior as a standard and is available to consume in flock-printed glossy cardboard box .

ANTIQUE SALT: is stipulating in different quantities and it has been packaging by high standart technology considering the legislation.Then according to the customer needs and expectations it takes place on the shelves .

ANTIQUE SALT: ANTIQUE SALT consist of 10 useful minerals ; Potassium ( mg / kg ) 203 Sodium ( mg / kg ) 243 000 Iron ( mg / kg ) 15 Calcium (mg / kg ) 6430 , Magnesium ( mg / kg ) 481 Phosphorus ( mg / kg ) 132 contains .


POTASSIUM(mg/kg) 203
It is one of the essential minerals found in human body. It assists to stabilization of water and transition of nutriotions into the cell. This mineral is consumed in body everyday and filled again. It has important function on transportation of oxygen to brain and neural system, protection of muscles and liver and removal of constipation. Taking potassium more than sufficient amount make blood pressure go up.
SODIUM(mg/kg) 243000
This minaral which is necessary for glands working is important in terms of bilis, pancreas, salive and gastric acid secretums. It is also necessary for neural and muscle functions. If it is not taken in sufficient amount developmental disabilities, loss in weight and heartburn could appear.
IRON(mg/kg) 1.5
Iron assists development and provides protection from diseases. Besides it makes easier utilization of vitamin B. It is necessary for production of blood and some enzymes. This mineral is important especially for women. It removes bloodlessness of women who has dense menstrual bleedings. It is beneficial for removing constipation, respiratory insufficiency and tiredness. Long term iron deficiency could cause cancer.
PHOSPOR(mg/kg) 1.32
This mineral exists in all cells in the body. It is necessary for bone and teeth structure, working heart regularly and kidney functions. Without calcium and vitamin D phospor, and without phospor, B group vitamins could not perform their function. It improves and strengthened working of neural system and all organs.
MAGNESIUM(mg/kg) 48.1
It obtains our body to develop normally. It is effective on neural system. It help relax muscles and calms nerves. This mineral is known as stress deterrent. It converts saccharum in blood to energy. This mineral obtains more efffective utilization for other minerals. Besides it prevents tiredness, and atherosclerosis and beneficial for glands working healthy.
CALCIUM(mg/kg) 6430
It is one of the minerals necessary for our body to develop healthily. This mineral mostly exists in bones. It is needed especially for utilization of iron and transition of nutritions into cells. Calcium prevents rickets and osteoporosis. It obtains heart, lungs and neural system working normally. It makes hematopexia easify.

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